Community Service Project Profile

POD Housing Project

a transitional living community for recently homeless individuals

Sponsors: Metropolitan Lutheran Ministries & A Zahner Architectural Metals.

Designers: Prof. Philippe Barrier and 5th year students from K State University

P.O.D. stands for Pride, Ownership, and Dignity.

The goal is to develop a prototype community of 30 housing units around a central common building, to give newly homeless individuals a means to re-enfranchise and get back on their feet. The first prototype was designed and built by seniors in K State's Architecture program, with donated materials. This functioning model was put on display in various parking lots, and the reaction was tremendous. That is how I got involved.

From there the MLM, a local organization that does millions of dollars of work each year helping people in need. Belo is an article from the Overland Park Sun explaining more:

In the Fall, a new group of students continued the work and took the module to another level:

The MLM is currently working to find a plot of land for the project. A Zahner is involved with developing the module to provide 100 units in needy areas in India or Africa.