An explanation of the questions

GREEN13 is structured to follow my view of how we successfully adopt changes in our lives, through the personal experiences and opinions of environmental advocates within our community.

While I believe in taking direct and practical action, the "just do it" mentality seems to be better suited for shorter, intense actions. Lifestyle changes require shifts in thinking, a lot of education, and an unlimited source of motivation. The process includes wanting, learning, doing, and sharing.

The process in more detail:

  1. Understand your motivations

  2. Educate yourself about the harms of how we live now

  3. Educate yourself about sustainable alternatives

  4. Adopt new behaviors which enhance your quality of life while decreasing your environmental footprint

  5. Maintain these new behaviors

  6. Share your thoughts and actions with others

  7. Set new goals

For the interviews I wanted specific information about ask pertinent questions that approached this from both the individual and the community perspective.

A. Motivations

B. Harms of how we live now

C. Alternatives

D. Adopt new behaviors

E. Maintain new behaviors

F. Share with others

G. Set new goals

With these questions I began approaching local leaders in environmental design, intending to publish them in the newsletter of the KC Chapter of the US Green Building Council. The results were wonderful, which prompted me to launch SOVOZDESIGN.COM and share these with a wider audience.

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