Scott Kevin Jones is a practicing architect in Kansas City, Missouri with 16 years of professional experience in large-scale, multi-purpose, public-assembly and event facilities.  He also volunteers time and services to the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, High School Mentoring programs, and Youth Center projects.

During college he worked Summers and part-time on light framing and general residential construction projects, before graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1994.  In his first year of internship he mastered drafting and document delivery working on movie theater projects from 3 to 30 screens.  After a short tour in an architect-led design-build practice he accepted a position at HOK Sport (now Populous) where he has designed public assembly venues for nearly 14 years.  Having been a computer hobbyist since 1981, he has always enjoyed leveraging technology to promote communication, coordination, and faster delivery.  But with an equal emphasis on the social aspects of project delivery, he approaches architecture as more of a counseling role aimed at understanding and advising the client rather than a technical role providing pre-determined and inflexible solutions.

In 2010 he decided to take the experience and management skills gained from demanding high-profile projects and offer them to local clients within the framework of a more personal, versatile, and service-oriented practice.  He is currently available for projects as a consultant, analyst, advisor and designer.

updated 3/30/10