Project Experience of Scott Kevin Jones

Ravens Stadium - Baltimore, Maryland

Architect of Record: HOK Sport

Structural Engineer: Bliss & Nitray

MEP Engineer: M.E. Engineers

Opening Day - September 1998

Ravens stadium was built in the warehouse district, a few blocks South of Camden Yards.

Baltimore is a brick town, so Ravens had to be a brick NFL stadium.

A view of the brick and precast facade, with the painted steel of the upper bowl rakers visible above. Green glass was chosen to compliment the brick.

The steel elements are a custom shade of silver. On the pilasters are specially sculpted Raven emblems.

A closeup of this detail:

The upper seating bowl is divided into four separate decks, with wedge shaped notches cut in the corners. At Club level, the seating stops at both endzones. A bridge connects the two halves at both Suite levels, and the enormous scoreboards fill in the opening. Spectators enter the seating bowl through vomitiories so that when you walk into the seating area you are really close to the action.

A view from the Suite seating during construction. Drainage lines and supplemental speakers are already in place on the underside of the Upper Seating precast concrete above.

Here is an example of a typical concession counter (left), toilet entry (right), and seating section signage in cut-out letters above the vomitory.

The field before the first game.

Two years out of school and one of my designs is built! A phenomenal condiment counter on the Upper Concourse. There is no finer place to relish your dog than right here.

Below is the view from the press boxes. We struggled to fit the subroof into the low ceiling - the club seating above is exposed to weather and the white pipe above my head in the photo is the drainage system, pinned directly to the bottom side of the precast seating bowl.

In the Club Lounges we used clouds of metal mesh to create a ceiling without punching the sprinklerheads through the surface.This photo was taken about six hours before the opening game, and furniture was still "in the wrapper" so to speak.


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