Project Experience of Scott Kevin Jones

Jacksonville Ballpark - Jacksonville, Florida

Architect of Record: HOK Sport

Structural Engineer: Bliss & Nitray

Opening Day - April 2003

This is one of the few baseball projects I have been involved with. As Cardinals NFL in Tempe was getting put on hold after September 11, the Jacksonville team was approaching a deadline crunch. We suddenly had a dozen experienced large-project staff to add as reinforcements to other project teams. Several of us helped on Jacksonville. I designed and coordinated an added section of the building - a 1st baseline metal bleacher section with toilets and concessions below. I only had a couple months with Tom Usher and the Jacksonville team before I was assigned to Glendale Arena. These photos are from late in construction, prior to opening day.

Overlooking the street is a balcony area, with the toilets and concessions in the middle of the structure.

A wider concourse overlooks the diamond. Press boxes are up one level behind home plate, and a club lounge extends beyond.

We were working on Jacksonville Football and Arena which are both visible in the background. The lighter section of seats in front of the arena is accessed by a bridge across the field access drive. The footprint of these bleachers was set by the field wall and the sidewalk behind. I tested a dozen or so alternate aisle locations and seating section configuration in this irregular shape to determine the largest available seating capacity.

Down 3rd base line there were some dining terraces and some complicated ramps. It is suprisingly difficult to coordiante the tops of brick walls with a seating bowl of changing riser heights.


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