A conversation with Tom Bean – May 5, 2005

After learning that Kansas City has adopted a requirement for new buildings to be LEED Silver certified, we sought out City Architect Tom Bean to get the civic scoop. Tom is a registered architect in Kansas and Missouri, has been Kansas City, Missouri's City Architect since 1980, and has promoted higher standards of sustainability within the community as an owner, client, and administrator.  I caught up with him at his project offices within the Bartle Hall expansion.

1 – What person influenced you most regarding environmental issues?

2 – What event opened your eyes to environmental issues?

3 – Name one habit or convenience you gave up for environmental reasons.

4 – Name something you wish more people realized is harmful to the environment.

5 – What is the most important thing you do personally to conserve natural resources?

6 – What alternative do you feel more people need to learn?

7 – What contribution are you uniquely able to make toward environmental causes?

8 – What do you think is the next step for Kansas City as a community at the present time?

9 – What change to your lifestyle or behavior was the hardest to adopt or maintain?

10 – What do you think Kansas City has done well?

11 – What is your most successful green building project?

12 – What is a good example of environmental design in Kansas City?

13 – What is the biggest change you hope to see in society within your lifetime?

("Green Thirteen" is a series of questions intended to explore the journey of environmental thinking, from inspiration to education to action--with a dual-focus on both individual and community perspectives. Author: Scott Kevin Jones, AIA, LEED AP)

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