Project Experience of Scott Kevin Jones

University of Phoenix Stadium (Cardinals NFL) - Glendale, AZ

Design Builder: Hunt Construction

Architect of Record: HOK Sport, Venue, & Event

Design Architect: Peter Eisenman

Structural Engineers: TLCP (building) / Walter P. Moore (roof)

Construction Photos: Superlift 2005

Opening Day – September 2006

Cardinals Stadium is a collaboration between HOK Sport and Peter Eisenman. The skin of the building is a flowing curved form made of insulated metal panels. At varying intervals the curve is intersected by slots of vertical glass. Below is a photo from February 2005 of the East facade construction in progress.

Below is a closeup of the curved portion of the skin which is comprised of segmented panels.

The panels are supported on a framework of steel tubes and girts. The photo below is taken at the side of some adminstrative offices, which is why the mechanical systems are exposed. Most of the light steel frames will be visible from the concourses.

In February 2005 they completed the largest steel lift in North American history, dubbed the "Superlift." Below is the South end of the building where the concrete structure is still exposed as the skin installation progresses on the right side of the photograph.

Two long Brunel trusses, curved on top and bottom, are suspended beween four concrete supercolumns. Everything painted yellow is a temporary support for construction - the yellow shoring below the trusses and the yellow jacking rigs atop the supercolumns. From this angle the supercolumns don't look over 700 feet long, but they are both about 90% of the length of the R.M.S. Titanic.

A view from within the bowl gives a little more perspective on the size of the clear span.

The top side of the Brunel truss is a 16' x 16' box truss resisting the compressive force. The bottom is a pair of girders in tension.

Each end is traveling up a slot in the supercolumn. When it reaches the top the thick transfer beam will be swung into place, supporting it atop the slot.

This is a view of the supercolumn from the Upper Concourse. They were poured in 30' lifts, and when the forms were initially removed from any particular section there was enough heat to make it uncomfortable to hold your hand on the surface for more than a few seconds.


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